(Face to Face 1978-1985)

Eröffnung: Saturday, 21. May 2022
Zeitraum der Ausstellung: bis Sunday, den 12. June 2022
Veranstalter: Photolux Festival 2022
Ort: Palazzo Guinigi: Via Guinigi, 21, 55100 Lucca LU, Italien
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Curated by Rica Cerbarano

This is something I am really excited for: we will present the worldwide premiere of “Face to Face, 1978-1985” by Seiichi Furuya in a comprehensive exhibition developing in six rooms inside the historical building of Palazzo Guinigi.

For the first time, in this project Seiichi Furuya confronts the images taken by him with those taken by his late wife Christine, who committed suicide in 1985. Here Christine’s gaze intertwines with that of Seiichi, who now lends himself to the game of being the observed subject as well. Indeed, while the visual labor of memory that Seiichi compiled over the years is a ceaseless attempt to elaborate his mourning, by letting his face enter the frame of their love story, “Face to Face, 1978-1985” suggests that this endless research by the author could also be read as the wish to find traces of himself, and the role he had, in the memories of their life to-gether.

This project recounts a seven-year relationship through a visual dialogue that is expressed in almost perfectly matching diptychs. In the exhibition, the viewer finds himself immersed in this intimate journey back in time, witnessing the unfolding of a love story where photography plays a fundamental role: it dusts off buried memories, allowing the past to be reconstructed, and at the same time it creates new memories, influenced by perspective and the passing of time.

R. Cerbarano
May 5. 2022

Berlin-Ost, 1985
Berlin-Ost, 1985